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Joke of a company
They are beyond sneaky and a joke of a company. Hillbilly drivers just driving around looking for money. Towed my girlfriends car because she parked on the line BESIDE ME. Nobody called them because I was the only one she parked beside. Hope they go out of business but I’m sure they won’t because they are conniving thieves.

These idiots towed my daughter's car from her sister's apartment complex while we were there visiting. Her car was parked in the handicap parking space with the handicap placard very visible. When we called they hung up on us multiple times. My daughter told them they towed her car illegally because of her very visible handicap placard in the window. These idiots go on to say that my daughter who was visiting didn't have an apartment decal. We explained to these thieves that you don't need the decal when there is a handicap placard very visible and parked in the handicap parking space. He realized that he wasn't dealing with people who aren't aware of the law. He says to my daughter that she could come pick up her car free of charge. My issue is they are being dirty, sneaky, and doing underhanded things and ripping people off. I now wonder how many people have paid that $125 when their vehicle was illegally towed and the owner of the vehicles didn't know that Mid Atlantic trifling behinds were breaking the law and ripping them off!!! These morons were rude and very very unprofessional!! They should be shut down immediately for the underhanded things they are doing!!

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