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Awful customer service
The tow truck driver was EXTREMELY RUDE to me without good reason. He did not provide instructions to me when he called to confirm my location, however expected for me to be fully knowledgeable of his demanding expectations. He showed up earlier than expected and after his arrival asked for my car keys, so I told him fine I will be out in 3 minutes. His tone became very rude while stating, “I will not wait, because I have other things.” So, you show up 40 mins early and did not direct me to leave keys in the car (which is not safe anyway), or to be outside waiting on him within a certain time frame... and can not hold on for three mins?!! I was finishing up with one of my patients. Where is the mercy?!! And by the way, I said 3 mins just in case something were to slow me down in getting the keys to him. He blamed my insurance company, so I told him that it is his fault because he should have given me direction as to what to do to make it a great transition. But he decided to be rude and fuss at me as if I am beneath him. Might this be a man versus woman thing? I am a customer who was in car distress and he did not help make my situation any better. He is not a people person at all and needs to be better trained on being of good service to those he encounters. I will alert my insurer of this horrible experience that I had with this company and hopefully they will not refer anymore customers to Galaxy Tow.

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