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Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know about Emily before you decided to tow. I could’ve sworn her name was Amy or Amanda, so Emily, if there’s an Amy or Amanda then I apologize because it’s not you. However, if it is you, then you owe me an apology. I have never in my life received such terrible service ANYWHERE. EVER. First off, I waited 2 hours (when estimated time was an hour) before she even called the tow man to come get me. Every time I called to get an updated ETA, I was patient and nice. She was short with me every time. She said she’d have the tow guy call me, then I had to wait 30 mins before he even called me. Now we’re at 2.5 hours. I said this is BS to the man, because he told me he had another car on his trailer he still has to drop off before he can come get me, and he’s stuck in stand still traffic. Ridiculous. He said he’s just the tow man and it’s the companies issue, I apologized, hung up, and told him I’d take it
Up with the company. I called my insurance company so they’re aware of the service the company they referred provided. Emily then called me, cussing and yelling st me so loud for the way I talked to the tow man (again, all I said was this is BS) and I couldn’t even get a word out of my mouth to say anything to her. She proceeds to say that she can talk way louder than me, I told her I’m cancelling, which she probably didn’t hear because she was yelling so loud, then hung up. What type of company allows the receptionist to talk to a customer who has already waited 2.5 hours like this? Obviously one that is terribly ran. Not to mention, she knew I was in a hospital parking garage.. what if my husband had just died that day, or my son got diagnosed with cancer? No respect or regard for anyone. If you want to avoid any issues, go to a different company.

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